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Broadcast industry has been evolving continuously more rapidly so in the past decade. Movement from Analog to digital is almost complete. Digital workflows and Multi-platform content delivery (MPCD) are the focus areas in the industry. The way content is delivered and consumed has changed for ever, and there will be no looking back now. Video happens to be the major traffic driver on IP networks. Though monetization of video delivery on IP networks continue to remain a challenge, content owners and broadcasters are looking at incremental revenue streams from these fast growing pies.

MPCD also means, video delivery has moved from single channel broadcast to Video on demand via Pay TV Playouts. Exponential growth in channels and content options has only added to this increasing demand on able to deliver more on the same pipe. Increased compression efficiency, easy configurability and deployment on upgradable platforms have been the key concerns over here.

Pathpartner’s HEVC encoder is designed with specific sweet spots in “low delay, low bitrate (VoD)” and “random access, high bitrate” configurations. PPHEVC-E200 is an all software HEVC encoder capable of encoding 4K30fps or 1080P120fps from 50 Mbps to 10 Mbps stream with best-in-class quality. PPHEVC-E200 is suitable for contribution encoding boxes both at the OB van and in the studios. At lower bitrates and with flexible chroma sub-sampling support it can be deployed (with suitable configuration changes) in encoding boxes for OTT and VoD playouts.

Enquire with us for more details on VQ analysis report, comparing PPHEVC-P100 with industry’s competing solutions.

PPHEVC-E100 provides video encoding (Random Access) quality exceeding HM’s 16.0 version, with far superior encoding time on multi-core x86 server. It is a best-in-class offline encoder suitable for content creation and optimal storage solutions.

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