Technicolor CIPO explains why the company left the HEVC Advance patent pool

With two pools already making the patent licensing cost of HEVC steeper, companies like Technicolor (earlier Thomsun), Nokia, Qualcomm do not belong to any of these pools. Potential HEVC adopters need to have exclusive licensing agreements with them, increasing per unit cost further. However in the latest development Technicolor CIPO Arvin makes an important point: "Similar to MPEG LA, we have also decided not to require licences from content providers for our HEVC technology. We believe that the attempt to license HEVC patents to content providers creates a major impediment to industry-wide adoption. We believe that small amount of incremental revenue we might get from content providers is not worth the loss of market-share that is likely to result if the industry fragments."

However instead of joining MPEG-LA they prefer to make more of what they have around video processing along with HEVC.