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With our real-time HEVC encoder even large resolution (1080P and UHD) videos with high dynamic range can be compressed by over 30 times, while maintaining broadcast level video quality.

Realtime HEVC encoders by Pathpartner with faster and higer compression rate

Our encoder is designed from grounds-up for homogeneous and heterogeneous architectures. It is widely believed that H.265 encoding technology delivers twice the bit-rate saving, with 7-8 times increase in complexity as compared to H.264. This benefit asymmetry needs to be solved for wide spread use of HEVC encoder. Pathpartner’s HEVC encoder significantly reduces resource utilization with algorithmic choices retaining quality and reducing complexity.

PathPartner’s HEVC encoder is ground-up designed for multi-core asymmetric processors, is available for licensing on Intel’s dual socket Xeon E5-2699v3 processor platform.

Real-time 4KP30 encoder features

  • 4KP30, Main profile L5.1
  • Controllable Slice/Tile configurations
  • Multicore/ 4k HEVC encoder on X86
  • Controllable CU and TU depths
  • Clean Random access (support for temporal layers)
  • User configurable support for IDR, DB, SAO, WPP, TMVP, Scaling matrices & dependent slices
  • Low latency modes supported
  • Multi-core implementation on windows server
  • Best “quality / CPU load” ratio in the industry

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